Friday, January 23, 2015

Six Words

My father shared a blog on six word stories.  It caught my attention, because the stories were short, some were profound, and all were to the point.  As one of my sisters and my father pointed out, though, they were all sad, some of the heart wrenching.  I, personally, feel like there is a need for more positive things in this world, so I challenged my oldest sister (one of the most creative people I know) and the others to create happy, cheerful, or otherwise positive six word stories.
Although, I have a difficult time with anything having to do with the arts: writing, drawing, music making, ect, I will try to write a story.

Feet slip. Look up. He's there.

Wild times were had. Friends endured.

Anyway, that's my shot... or two. :)

What about you?  Any positive, or thoughtful story?

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