Monday, December 2, 2013

Genealogy Update

My grandfather, Daniel Mahoney, has always posed a bit of a problem in shaking out the family tree.  There are records of:

  • his death (1936-09-01) in Erie, PA
  • his marriage to Valentine Barber.
  • rumors his military service in WW1.
Still, I had been unable to find more... until this evening.

I found a picture of his tombstone here.

Note the military unit: 12th Engineers, Company C.  So, a bit of poking around and I find a site with a complete roster of the 12th Engineers in WW1.  Oddly, not one Mahoney in the battalion... but here I found a reference to Daniel R. Mahaney, Company C, of 722 Rosedale Ave, Erie, PA. 
So, now I have an alternate spelling and address to work.  

Let me know if you find any further leads.