Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Necessity for Spiritual Food

I have lots of calorie-driven family and friends. I have learned that once they reach their "I need food to remain a nice person" point, they really need to eat some food. Otherwise, life will be unpleasant for everyone around them until they do get food. This can be applied to spiritual matters, as I realized this evening.
I was spending a bit of time reading the Bible and thinking about what I read. A while after I had finished reading and had taken my crocheting up again, I observed that in the short time between reading and thinking on the Bible and that moment, my outlook had altered for the better. I was a bit more energized and felt a bit more able to function in a decent and motivated manner. I seemed more able to focus on things. I began to think about what made the difference.
Why did I seem spiritually and emotionally energized after reading the Bible? I discerned that it was because I had just taken in spiritual food. Before I had read the Bible, I had been unknowingly starving for spiritual food and consequently very spiritually weak. When I took in some healthy, nourishing spiritual food, my spirit received energy and was able to function better. It was like the moment when a very hungry person has gotten some food. They savour it and then are able to get up from the table with renewed vigour to go about the tasks of the day.
If a Christian does not take in spiritual food on a regular basis, he will not be able to function spiritually. He will be spiritually starving himself. This is the reason it is so important that a Christian must be consistent about reading the Bible and communing with God. If he isn't, he will not be able to stand in a spiritual fight. He will be knocked over, easily overcome, and it will be difficult or nearly impossible to get up again. It would be easier for him to give up and die.
Tonight, the importance of reading the Bible frequently has been impressed on my mind. I knew before that reading the Bible was important and that it was spiritual food, but the implications of that have been made clear to me. Without consistent spiritual food intake, one will grow weak and unable to fight, causing him to lose and eventually die if not properly nursed back to health on nourishing, sustaining spiritual food, just as it is with physical food.

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  1. Very true...I don't eat enough meat, so to speak. (processed food mostly is what I have been eating, with feast days on the weekend.)