Thursday, August 8, 2013

Understanding Daniel's prophecies

I just finished reading Daniel for the first time. I knew when I read the prophecies that Daniel was given of the end that many people have "interpreted" them so that they know what the end will be like and how long it will be and just exactly what those prophecies mean. But, even Daniel didn't understand the prophecies he gave. I know that we are to understand all that we can of God's word with the Spirit's help but...should we really try to understand those prophecies? Acknowledge them them as part of God's holy word, yes, but try to interpret them? Daniel was told to seal up the book of prophecy because those things were not going to happen until the end. Jesus again spoke of the abomination of desolation and told us more about it. Should we simply acknowledge it and live our lives so that our love for God won't grow cold, so that we will "know our God" and "stand firm and take action"(Dan. 11:32)? I know that on my own I can't begin to fathom what exactly those prophecies mean, but I can understand that there will be a great amount of extreme wickedness and strife. We as people who carry God's name need to be ready to withstand the attacks that we inevitably get and to "stand firm and take action." I am not entirely sure what to do with those prophecies in Daniel, or any prophecies of "the end times."

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