Thursday, November 26, 2015


Regardless of how clever I am, I only have twenty four hours in each day.  I cannot delegate my way to more.  I cannot multitask my way to more.  I cannot expect that God will alter the course of the solar system to give me more. I cannot get more by force of will or superior argument.  Twenty four hours.  One thousand four hundred forty minutes: that is all anyone has to work with in the daily cycle.  

Subtract seven hundred twenty minutes for meals, hygiene, prayer, sleep.  Leaves seven hundred twenty minutes to do things.  

Each day.  

Only seven hundred twenty.

An eight hour job is usually longer at five hundred twenty two minutes.  One hundred ninety eight is all that’s left.

Subtract fifty one minutes for driving  to and from work .  One hundred forty seven remain.

Laundry, dishes, floors and such take another sixty six minutes leaving eighty one.

If I have meal prep, subtract thirty three.  Forty eight remain.

Forty minutes for Facebook (this is the American average): Eight left.

Fifteen minutes on necessary email. Nothing is left. Not even nothing.  Less than nothing.  

And I have not talked with you, yet.

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