Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An Alphabetical Link List

I realized a while back that I was just typing in a key letter in the address bar of my browser to get to my usual sites (e.g. n pulls up a variety of news sites...).  Yes, I know it's all based on browsing history, but I decided to go through the alphabet in this manner.  Some letters had few or no associations, others - too many.  So upon arrival at home I decided to share some.

I really could make two slightly divergent lists: one reflecting my actual browsing, the other reflecting what I want to engage. There are few differences between the two, but the difference reflects the gap between who I am and who I want to be.  This is from the actual side....

A - Shop till your fingers are sore.
B - The background news fix
C - Alt mainstream news
D - Financial encouragement
E - The world's garage sale
F - No, not facebook
G - More garage sailing
H - Cheap tools
I - Light humor
J - meh
K - Digital security news
L - Appliances, tools,...
M - You got here, yes?
N - News aggregator
O - News from back home (No, it's not Lake Wobegon.)
P - Interesting blog from a Benedictine oblate
Q - Still not sure this is a useful letter
R - Upbeat classical
S - Audio masking
T - Just a bit shy of being as useful as a babelfish
U - Weather!
V - Blog covering legal and other issues.
W - OK... it was either this or Walmart
X - very aspirational
Y - Great resource for learning how to do something new... (yeah, and music videos)
Z - Turns out, I haven't visited many "Z" sites...

So, what is you alpha link list, realistic?, aspirational?...

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