Sunday, November 30, 2014

Advent Begins

The things we think we know are the most dangerous.

"Advent" - what is that?  "To the coming"?

"Advent" -  Shopping time?  That is how we behave...

"Advent"  Tree worship like druids?  Again, behavior....

We skate from Thanksgiving-gluttony to Conspicuous-consumption-mas so quickly.

Yet under the dry leaves and early ice of late fall something is nascent, growing....
Something conceived in mystery nine months before.

The lectionary readings this last week were in Revelations.  They conveyed such a longing, such a call: maran-atha - Come, Lord Jesus.

Yet now we look not toward a conquering king, but the crying infant.  Not the thrum and beat of armies on the march, but the pant and push of labor.

A day of small beginnings - so ordinary, so human....

Yet the Creator has entered his creation and creation responded almost unnoticed: a star, angels, visers... and the assault against the reign of sin started.

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