Sunday, April 21, 2013

Man Bites Dog

So... the question is how do you get reliable news?

My answer is "multiple sources".  Biblically, this would correspond to the principle of two or three witnesses.  Below is my usual scanlist with caveats.
DrudgeReport  for the frothy edge of the news.  There tends to be a bit of dishonesty in the headlines posted.  There is a lot that is taken out of context for the apparent purpose of sensationalism.  Still Drudge does a good job at covering edge issues.

BBC world service for historically solid source.  They provide largely reliable reporting except they editorially push the climate change hysteria and homosexual politics.  CNN/NPR/CBC/Christian Science Monitor largely occupy the same center-left ideological space.  Deustche Welle was once useful for a eurocentric view, but they are now completely overcome with the progressive mind set.

Google News is another good aggregator, but with left of center blinders.

WorldMag is a very good news source from a reformed christian viewpoint.  Really these folks do very good reporting and often beat the mainstream at quality and depth of coverage.

Slashdot - news for nerds/stuff that matters.  The tagline says it all.

Al Jazeera English provides a "second world" viewpoint.  They cover events in countries that never make BBC/CNN/NPR.  At least they aren't poisoned with climate change nonsense and sexual politics.

First Things is a journal concerned with faith in the public square.  They are one of the few sources that actually has a diversity of viewpoints expressed on a focus issue.  The articles go deeper than the bumpersticker news cycle.

Volokh Conspiracy - a legal blog that has some of the most insightful commentary from a libertarian viewpoint.  
In listing all of these news and analysis sources I have probably disclosed my prejudices and blindspots.

What are your sources of news and why?  Help fill in what is missing.

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  1. Well, my news sources have been somewhat shaped by my father so most of it fits under the above categories when I actually look for news--just cross out the Drudge Report, Slashdot,and Al Jazeera English.
    The frequency with which I peruse is low. Outside of what has been mentioned above, I sometimes do look at UK Times (it was recommended by a professor for having a somewhat more friendly view of the US than other foreign news sources. The same professor also recommended Deutsche Welle, and that was the time I started to pay more attention to news in general).