Saturday, February 16, 2013

Monopoly Haikus

Haikus made during
A monopoly game played
Yesterday. Great fun!

Yesterday, the Papa, Stephanie, Sarah, Esther, Emily, Elizabeth, Joshua, and Lydia played Monopoly.  One of them began to think that haikus would be a delightful idea.  A notebook was gotten.  A few haikus were written and then more were added.  These are the haikus, written by Sarah, Papa, Emily, Elizabeth, Stephanie, and Esther.

In Monopoly
We race around the square board
finding little land.

A squeek and a squak
As people land and dice rolls--
Is it a happy landing?

Out of water, huh.
But I do not wish to leave,
This game is too fast.

Vermont Avenue
Connecticut Avenue
Oriental, too.

A six dollars, please,
She said so very loudly,
Pass the money now!

First rent, second rent,
She is a happy camper
So Stephanie says.

Killing the banker--
They tried to put me away.
How dare they do that!

Plink! Hammer! Pound! Saw!
The houses are going up
In Park Place Boardwalk.

Oui, how loud, ugh, oh
On the Marvin I should be
It's better than jail.

You inherit one hundred.
Good fortune is yours.

ROCKY TOP! They sing
How painful it is to me!
Simply pay me the rent!!

She certainly is
as sane as the rest of us.
It's assuring. Right?

Welcome to Park Place.
Instead of money, I'll take,
If you can't, your land.

Just fresh out of jail,
Please let it be a bright ten--
Ah! Joy! Free Parking!

Hotels on my land,
Enough money to last a bit,
Life in my favour.

So many Haikus;
They have covered two pages,
Were made in this game.

The game has gone on
Some are gaining great power
Some are fast fading.

Sleepy, exhausted.
Why am I not in my bed?
Just Monotony.

I would hate to go
And miss the end of the game,
But I require sleep.

The ninja turtle
On the napkin is standing
While the game moves on.

We laughed together.
Friends, we are exhausted, now.
Friends, we part tonight.
      Dice rattles loudly
People fill the air with noise
The chatter more loud.

Three? Really? She sighs.
The number is not happy;
I wish another.

I just played my turn,
Will I be back soon enough
If I go right now?

Boardwalk and Park Place--
These two make a lovely pair,
If yourself owns them.

Having her first rent
A happy camper is she
though small the rent is.

This game is crazy.
The Mahoney family
is fun to play with.

Popcorn on the stove
Makes much more of a racket
Than these trades and deals.

Whenever we land
On Rocky Top Tennessee,
We must sing the song.

Ya! This is so fun!
I'm glad we play together
This monopoly.

Evil landowners
Grasp at rents so greedily
Occupy answers!

Welcome! come right in!
There is a breakfast for you,
Thank you for your gold:)

Ah, the temptation
Good for me, not for others
I will wait for now :(

Let the waltz play on--
It is Strauss so beautiful--
As the game moves on.

A lovely evening
Of Strauss and Monopoly.
How lovely the scene!

Eating rainbows? What!?
How can we eat innocents

Interesting times
When one chooses to divest
of his property.

Hotels, houses, lands
moving, trading, swapping hands.
It's Monopoly.

I hope you will stay
And have a most wonderful
time this splendid day.

Most frustrating thing
Landing on free Parking when
It's dry as a bone.

It was very long,
Even for monopoly
Ah, well, maybe not.


  1. It was a fun night
    So much laughter and good vibes
    and popcorn sharing.

    1. Ha Ha! Very Good.
      I can see that the haikus
      are continuing.