Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello World!

Mahoney (or O'Mahoney or Gaelic Ó Mathghamhna), (pronunciation: MAHN-ee[citation needed] or ma-HOE-nee[citation needed] and occasionally MAH-huh-nee[citation needed]) is an Irish surname that originated in the early eleventh century. The forebear of the Mahoneys was Mathghamhan (or Mathuin or Mahon), the grandson of Brian Boru. Mathghamhan was killed at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.
The Mahoneys flourished in southern Ireland. They were princes of an area in Cork along the River Bandon[citation needed]. They ruled as sovereigns over this territory until the English conquest of Ireland. The meaning of the name is "descendant of bear."

Source: Wikipedia

So began our little tribe.  I and mine are blessed to reside in Middle Tennessee.

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  1. Very interesting, I didn't know about the meaning, "descendant of bear". This gives me some ideas.